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4 Ways to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

When you think about giving or receiving flowers, you probably think about special occasions. And many of the popular times to give flowers are in the winter. Whether its Valentine’s Day or a centerpiece for the holidays, fresh flowers are an easy and elegant way to add color to an otherwise dreary time of year. However, the cold temperatures outside mean the heat’s running inside. This isn’t the best environment for cut flowers. As a custom florist, we’re often asked about how to make flower arrangements last longer. Here are some tips we’ve had success with.

  1. Make sure there’s enough water. It’s obvious, but often overlooked. Keeping enough water in the vase will guarantee that all the stems have access to hydration.
  2. Change the water. Fresh water will keep your flowers looking good for longer. Change out the water every few days for the best results.
  3. Keep them away from fruit. Sound strange? There’s a scientific reason. As fruit ripens, it gives off a gas that will cause fresh flowers to wilt in a hurry.
  4. Keep flowers away from heat. Heat from ovens, microwaves, and sunlight are bad for fresh flowers. But so is the heat produced by televisions and computer monitors.

Don’t let these simple things ruin your florist’s creation. For more advice on keeping flowers fresh for longer, call Winona’s Flowers. We’re a florist near you in Lancaster, SC. See why people have trusted us for fresh, custom, flower arrangements for 35 years.

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