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Silver & Golden Anniversary Flowers

In our last post, we gave you an easy-to-use reference for wedding anniversary flowers by year. Although many people like to incorporate these traditions into every anniversary, it’s even more symbolic for 25th and 50th anniversaries. Here’s some additional information about traditional silver and golden anniversary flowers.

25th Anniversary Flowers

Irises are the traditional flower for the 25th wedding anniversary. The iris is a tall, stately flower that comes in a variety of shades of pink, purple, white and other colors. A bundle of 25 irises is a great way to commemorate this special anniversary.

You may want to display your irises in a vase. If so, consider choosing one in silver. This is a nice way to tie in the silver anniversary theme. Plus, the silver color will complement whatever shade of iris you select.

50th Anniversary Flowers

Flower arrangements for a 50th anniversary celebration will often incorporate violets. Violets come in many beautiful shades of purple, the color of devotion. The leaves of the violet are heart-shaped, making them especially appropriate for a couple that’s celebrating a lifetime of love.

Of course, the 50th anniversary is best known for being the “golden anniversary.” It’s no surprise that this color is also frequently used. These arrangements are beautiful since gold and purple are complementary colors. Consider using golden or yellow flowers in your arrangement. Or, display your arrangement of violets in a golden vase or urn.

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